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Unprefixed CSS 3 properties in Firefox 16, demo and how-to

I heard that Firefox 16 unprefixed CSS 3 transitions, animations and gradients, so I wanted to give it a try. In short, it’s true: starting from October 9th, no more -webkit- prefix in transition, animation, @keyframes and linear-gradient.

CSS 3 only spinning "loading" animation

We used GIF images to create animations for years, but they aren’t pretty to be used over gradients or pictures (no alpha channel, no anti-aliasing) of which modern web sites are full. There are many workarounds to animate PNG images instead, but…

CSS 3 Transitions and Animations + jQuery fallback

20 minutes speech about why and how to use CSS 3 transitions and animations, which work in all modern browsers (Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera), and when and how implement a fallback animation or transition with jQuery.


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