Today I updated my iPhone to iOS 12.2 beta 4 which features the new version of Safari (also 12.2) with support to the IntersectionObserver API. I wanted to see it clearly so I’ve created a web page that detects and reveals to you if it’s supported.

Open the tool.

What you’ll see there:

  • If you are browsing the page using Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera or other chromium based browsers, you will get a YES;
  • If you’re browsing with Internet Explorer you’ll get a NO, (and you deserve it);
  • If you browse using Safari, you need to have iOS 12.2 (now in beta) or Mac OS with Safari 12.1 (now in Technology Preview) in order to get a YES. On older versions, you’ll get a NO, but it won’t be for long.

To know what you can do with IntersectionObserver, read this post.