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Lazy load of responsive images with srcset and LazyLoad

It’s now possible (yes, today!) to have lazy loading on responsive images to make our images to adapt to users screens and keep our website fast. YAY! \o/ In this article, we’ll see what markup we need to write and which Javascript libraries we’re gonna need to do that.

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A new LazyLoad to improve your website performance

In the latest days I’ve been working on websites performance optimization and I realized that there is no way to take advantage of the progressive JPEG image format on websites if you’re using jQuery_lazyload. So after sending a pull request to its author, I decided to write my own lazy load, which turned out to be better, because:

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CSS 3 only spinning "loading" animation

We used GIF images to create animations for years, but they aren’t pretty to be used over gradients or pictures (no alpha channel, no anti-aliasing) of which modern web sites are full. There are many workarounds to animate PNG images instead, but…

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