Andrea's face

Hello, I’m Andrea, and this is my face.

I’ve been working as a front-end architect at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP since 2013. My job is really focused on performance optimization, research and development, accessibility, internal training and tech assessment for recruiting.

Less recently I worked also as back-end developer using PHP (which I still use for my pet projects) and other object-oriented languages.

Besides work I love nature in all of its forms, cycling, hiking, healthy local food (wherever I go), and all kinds of regional and foreign languages and cultures, and above all my family and my kid Lorenzo.

PS: recently I’ve been counting and I realized I’m a programmer for 30 years. To be honest, when at 9 I started coding on my MSX, I just copied lines of code from a magazine, but I was loving it. Anyway I have to say thanks to my father for his patience, and the company that included a programming manual for kids (featuring a robot-dog!) in their computers box, because that’s how I started to code.