Hello, I’m Andrea, and I love to craft websites with the user experience at the center, which I care about in every detail. Recently I’ve been counting and I realized that I’m a programmer for 30 years*.

Andrea Verlicchi's face

My current job at YNAP is mainly focused on front-end research and development, working together with tech leaders, training on new technologies / best practices, and technically assess candidates. More on LinkedIn →

I’m a father, a fan of GitHub, the proud creator of vanilla-lazyload and colonnineelettriche.it and the writer of this tech blog. I also occasionally speak at front-end conferences.

I love nature in all of its forms and - when I’m not geeking around - I love cycling, hiking, eat healthy local food, and all kinds of foreign and regional languages and cultures.

* to be honest, when at 9 I started coding on my MSX, I just copied lines of code from a magazine, but I was loving it. Anyway I have to say thanks to my father for his patience and to the company that included a programming manual for kids (featuring a robot-dog!) in their computers box.