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vanilla-lazyload vs lazysizes

As the author of vanilla-lazyload, it’s not the first time I get asked the question: What are the differences between vanilla-lazyload and lazysizes? This blog post is the answer to that question.

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Lazy load responsive images in 2020

Do you want to boost performance on your website? You can do that by using responsive images and lazy loading! In this article, you will find the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code to lazy load responsive images, to make browsers use modern image formats like WebP and Jpeg2000, and to enable native lazy load where supported.

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Critical CSS with Jekyll and SASS

This site is run by Jekyll on GitHub pages and its CSS is built using SASS. Today I decided to boost performance even more inlining the render-blocking critical CSS, but even searching the internet I struggled to find an easy way to do it. This post is for you, in case you want to do the same.

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Detect IntersectionObserver with an online tool

Today I updated my iPhone to iOS 12.2 beta 4 which features the new version of Safari (also 12.2) with support to the IntersectionObserver API. I wanted to see it clearly so I’ve created a web page that detects and reveals to you if it’s supported.

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Responsive and accessible table design

How to make a potentially wide table fit on small devices, without losing readability and accessibility? Here are simple solutions to make tables look like lists, lists look like tables, in responsive and accessible design.

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Lazy load responsive images in 2019

In the latest years, both at my job and as maintainer of a LazyLoad script, I’ve specialized in lazy loading of responsive images. Today I’m going to show you what HTML, CSS and JavaScript code you need to write in 2019 in order to serve responsive images and load them lazily. In the second part of the post, I’m also showing how to make the browser natively pick the WebP image when it supports it.

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