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Andrea Verlicchi

Making the web faster and more user-friendly

Talk: Enhancing web responsiveness. Debugging and avoiding slow interactions

In May 2024, I began speaking at local meetups and conferences about enhancing web responsiveness. Specifically, I discuss debugging and avoiding slow interactions, which are measured by the new metric Interaction to Next Paint (INP). This metric, introduced in March 2024, is part of the Core Web Vitals.

Enhancing Web Responsiveness - Debugging and avoiding slow interactions - Andrea Verlicchi - Web Performance GDE - @verlok
The title slide of my talk

After providing an initial explanation of INP, I show how to debug slow interactions using Google Chrome's Developer Tools and Real User Monitoring (RUM) data. I also cover three common mistakes to avoid to ensure snappy user interactions and keep your INP below 200 milliseconds.


We Make Future, Bologna 🇮🇹 - #

Andrea Verlicchi speaking on the Coding Front-end stage of We Make Future Bologna. The slide shows the browser visiting a website, the developer tools of the browser open on the Perforamnce panel, and 7 steps described to the right. 1: Emulate device, 2: Performance options, 3: Slowdown the CPU, 4: Start recording, 5: Click around, 6: Type around, 7: Stop recording
On the Coding Front-end stage of WMF 2024: how to debug INP, the hard way.

The title of the talk, in Italian, was "Migliorare la reattività del web — Guida pratica per debug e prevenzione delle interazioni lente".

📺 Video coming soon - Event page

GDG Madrid 🇪🇸 - #

Andrea Verlicchi speaking at GDG Madrid (c/o Celonis), a few people in the front rows, the slide showing the input delay part of the INP measurement in the browser's main thread
Presenting at GDG Madrid, showing the first of the INP subparts: Input Delay.

The title of the talk in Spanish was: "Hagamos que la web sea mas responsive en 2024".

GDG Madrid event

Bologna JS, Bologna 🇮🇹 - #

Andrea Verlicchi speaking at Bologna JS, a few people in the front rows, the slide shows the word 'Conclusion'
At the Bologna JS Meetup. This is the only picture I've got 🤷‍♂️. It's pretty final.

📺 Video · Meetup event page