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  1. Talk: Get speedy with responsive images - LazyLoad Conference 2022

    On June 24th, 2022 I spoke about how to automate responsive images optimisation at the LazyLoad Conference 2022. Here's the video of my talk.

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  2. Talk: Images optimisation 4.0, automate your work with a user-centric approach - CSS Day 2022

    On April 1st 2022 I spoke about responsive images optimisation 4.0 at the CSS Day Conference 2022 in Faenza, Italy. This talk – in Italian language – is on how to become more productive by automating responsive images.

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  3. aspect-ratio: A modern way to reserve space for images and async content in responsive design

    To avoid layout shifting and optimize for the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) Web Vital in you web pages, you need to reserve space for any content that might be rendered later in time. This is the case for images, videos and any asynchonously loaded content (e.g with AJAX calls). Here's a new way to do it.

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  4. Lazy load responsive images in 2019

    In the latest years, both at my job and as maintainer of a LazyLoad script, I've specialized in lazy loading of responsive images. Today I'm going to show you what HTML, CSS and JavaScript code you need to write in 2019 in order to serve responsive images and load them lazily.

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  5. Responsive images, an HTML 5.1 standard

    It's official. Responsive images are a W3C recommendation since November 2016, featuring the brand new picture tag and new attributes for the img tag: srcset and sizes

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  6. Responsive images? You don't need the picture tag

    Say you have a responsive website layout where images are sized at 100% of the container, but the container is not always as wide as the viewport. Do we need to use the picture tag, or the img tag is enough?

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  7. Lazy load of responsive images with srcset and LazyLoad

    It's now possible to have lazy loading on responsive images to make our images to adapt to users screens and keep our website fast. In this article, we'll see what markup we need to write and which Javascript libraries we're gonna need to do that.

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